About Us


Conceived and launched by an enthusiastic and zealous team of music lovers. In Your Feelingz is an online radio station that is renowned for broadcasting hit music of various genres and origins.

As the name suggests, the radio station is all about its listeners. Understanding their feelings and listening to their thoughts. The station strives to build an emotional and interactive connection with the audience.

Incorporating the views and demands of their valuable listeners, the station aims at broadcasting popular music genres and songs along with shows that they want to listen to.

With a promise to entertain people with the freshness of mind and soul, the station is committed to bringing in new shows to its audience worldwide.

The Mission

The mission of this online radio station is to provide an entertaining source of popular music to its audience making their hearts blissful and their spirits high. The key is to provide the highest quality of audio programming and broadcasting to its listeners through an online platform


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